What Rosario+vampire Character Are You?

you are outgoing optimistic and have a thing for the ladies you tend to put yourself in bad situations yet your know your place and a natural leader and a good friend .

not too bad. it makes more sense from season two. and if take a away that hes a pervert.

and then on facebook:

What kind of rosario+ vampire character are you ? Matthew's result is Moka - san Are very cute with a sweet heart and you don`t care what your man is as long as he loves you.
strangely... i like this one better XD
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2 Responses Aug 2, 2010

yukari really is. i mean obviously tsukune nor moka would want her in a relationship. i agree though, they need tsukune to go off and have his own adventure and such. rather than being about moka and the others most of the time.

I think im gin and one thing but i have to say this yukari she really the worst character and why people hate kurumu instead her really me and some my friends think she should go for someone else and really why would she want tsukune even she wanted moka she should grow up and tsukune should go some where and become one awsome vampire like in vampire knight like maybe in america this manga read had the awsome vampires and maybe get a nicname like noctis and i heard rosario vampire season 3 coming in sometime in 2011 so that will take a while for the episodes to come on the internet sorry for typing so much ive lose when typing$