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Yes that would be really interesting to know, as ii just love doing those ''i wtk questions'', some of those are very good, some can be funny,  and not to far off the answer to certain things,. Yeah!! why not i would like to know ''what rose represents your love''?

I think i shall try it after,. :-)

welshbabe welshbabe
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1 Response May 14, 2009

Lmao!!! lol Marji! :D If you look at the date i wrote this, i didn't have a clue! what "blogthings was even" ha!ha!ha! :D <br />
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Ooooooh! i will have to look at your's in a min! and take this quiz myself now! lollol :D <br />
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Thank you for your feedback my baby girl! I LOVES YA!!!!!! :D