I Am Chocolate

On the surface, you are charming and engaging. People love you, and you're naturally popular.
When people dig a bit deeper, they discover your relentless ambitious and drive. You are very goal oriented.

You are refreshing because you have impeccable manners and charm. You get along with almost everyone.
You have a strong personality, but you keep it under wraps unless the occasion calls for it.

Your savvy and intelligence is very cool. People turn to you for what to like and what to do.
You have an eye for what is on trend, but you're never intimidating or a snob. You like to share your finds with everyone.
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1 Response May 27, 2013

Oh yeah! Chocolate girls!!!!!! *high five*

*high fives ya* hell yea !!:))

Oh yeah!!! Lol

Chocolate girls 4eva !! Lol =)

What would that be? CG4? Lol

Haha yupp preetyy much :3


GGuess its CG4E?

I think that stands for something else. It sounds fsmiliar. All well, its ours now!!!! CG4E girls unite!!!! Lol

Ours forever!!Mwuuhhahah!! Lol yupp CG4E !!!!=)

*starts dancing like an idiot around original owners*, we took your name. We took you name. And you can't do nuthin about it. Hahahaha!!!! You lose suckers!!!!!

*dances with you* hahahahahahsha!!!!##

Lol. Why we ackin' so cray cray?

Hmm i don't think we were acting jk !! :3

Lol. Hang on. I saw this on the internet(which I'm on now. Ironic isn't it?): Yolo. Lol Jk Jk I'm a cat



Meeoww !!


We are so weird O.o


Yea at least its Better to be Weird than normal c:

Yep. I'd rather have people think "someone's been to crazy town" when they see me than "she's too boring for me" lol

Exactly !! Couldn't have said it better xD








Sorry i got that from a friend

Oh. Ok



Yuppies !#


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