I've never dated an accurate are these quizzes???


When aggressive, impulsive, egotistical Aries meet you, they've met their match.
You can step up to their challenges - and challenge them right back.

You can also let an Aries win when you're fighting, while slyly still getting your way.
You shower your Aries with much needed praise and affection. But not so much affection that they get complacent!
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We're both Gemini--and my experiences with Aries have never been good ones. It may be because I'm a guy, but those pushy, aggressive, take-charge qualities have never been things that attract me in a woman. But from a sign perspective, Gemini don't tend to like that either--too controlling, too directed. The whole point of our sign is that we don't get pinned down.

Think about Sagittarius. Unless, of course, you want to just have fun with another Gemini boy--and that's just narcissistic enough to be a lark, for the moment!'s a wonder that I've been with my husband for so long....I get bored very easily, lose interest, and crave change constantly.....I hate to be 'pinned down' or made to stay still for too long....figuratively speaking, of course.....haha

Yeah, ironic in that you like being tied up....

Right? I considered that as I was typing it...haha

Well I'm not sure how accurate but..where it says :
"You can also let an Aries win when you're fighting, while slyly still getting your way."
I do believe it's wrong. I've never met an aries that didn't get their way *always* or could be tricked into thinking they did. lol

Hmmm....interesting.....I only know one male Aries in real life, and I am strangely and hopelessly attracted to him....I know an Aries man here, in EP, though. I don't imagine I could trick him in any way...haha
My daughter is an Aries. She is very astute, intelligent, witty and precocious.....and she is adored by all who meet her!

I was thinking of my daughter when I wrote that. honestly it's RARE for her not to get what she wants from anyone (us, her teachers, friends, relatives). It's pretty known. The fight in her is just...bigger than the fight in anyone else. LOL

That sums it up perfectly. The fight is bigger.

Well I'm an aries.. and for the last couple of weeks I've been visiting this site checking you out, wondering if you'd friend me so I could pick up your stories more easily and check out your fotos... and you're cool as a cucumber. I'm not offended or anything. I'm sure you have your reasons. But ya... you appear mysterious, sultry, sexy. So you have at least on aries curious! :D

As a Capricorn, I seem to attract those people who were born under the sign of Feces! How does that happen?

Huh...haven't heard of that sign...I'm afraid I can't offer much of an explanation...perhaps it has something to do with the company you keep??? ;)

Could be. They seem to have a rather crappy disposition.

Makes sense, Im a Gemini, same as my youngest sister, Dad is an Aries.... I have to agree.

Damn it I`m a Leo.

*makes note not to by a lottery ticket* ;-p