I Attract Capricorns

For clarification, my husband and I are both Tauruses and I think we do very good together. I have never even dated a capricorn before so I don't know what or where this quiz gets this info from.

When down to earth, responsible, loyal Capricorn meet you, they've met their match.
I am as ethical as Capricorn, and they respect my values.
I am also able to be a loyal and caring partner to "my" Capricorn, even when times are tough.
I am there to cheer up or motivate your Capricorn - which never goes unappreciated.

I am down-to-earth, responsible and loyal, though. Even though I am all of the above, I'm not a Capricorn or with one.

Dimples87 Dimples87
26-30, F
1 Response Jun 3, 2009

very interesting indeed girl-thanks