Aqua Net Hair Spray and Diesel Fuel

The purple can of aqua net hair spray after all it was the 80's and my dad was a diesel machine at a train yard. I love the smell of diesel.

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1 Response Mar 23, 2009

The smell of rain on hot, African soil during a thunderstorm!<br />
The smell of pool chemicals in the club pool!<br />
The smell of rubber on the walls in the cool squash courts.<br />
Fish and chips, with vinegar, at the corner cafe!<br />
My mother's rusks, baking and swelling in the oven.<br />
The smell of a fresh milk tart, my mom just baked...<br />
The smell of Wilson's tofees, and Wacky Wicks bubblegum.........<br />
Oh, how I miss all of these so much....