Devon Violets

When I was a little girl, everywhere we used to go on holiday in South West England used to sell little bottles of 'Devon Violets' perfume.  The perfume was bright green and came in small round bottles with a Devon pixie sitting on top.  Occasionally I still see it in seaside towns and harbour shops.  I really love the smell, it makes me feel so nostalgic.

Tibicina Tibicina
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8 Responses Mar 23, 2009

You should work with little kids, you'd love it - and so would they!

grins oh yes Im such a big kid that I still go out and blow bubbles, jump in puddles when it rains my kids laugh at me...but it feels good just just act like a kid once in a while makes me feel alive.

Yeah, it had this kind of almondy smell. I loved it too. Now I sometimes make playdough for the little kids I look after in the nursery where I work. And when it gets to playing with it I become a big kid myself!

grins we used to make our own playdoh and add food coloring and our own scents but the original playdoh was the best in the long run :)

Yeah, I love playdough, but that's another story!

mine are crayons and playdoh, when the kids were little and used to play with them I would always be brought back to the past and my childhood :) the smell of playdoh

Crayons!<br />
That and those water based paint pallets that came in a line of colors - about 8 in all. It had a certain smell.