Soap Bubbles!

I grew up poor, but the one thing my mother could afford for me and my sister every week, was a huge jar of bubbles! It was always in a blue or purple plastic bottle and a bubble wand was included inside the jar. So we had to dip our fingers into the soap to get it, and then be mindful to not put that hand near our eye or mouth... I learned that one, the hard way! XD

These bubbles always had a unique smell to them! I always loved it! We would sometimes keep the jar and make our own soap, after it was empty, using dish detergent or anything else that could make bubbles. Sure, the bubbles were just as good as the store-bought solution, but the homemade bubbles didn't have that special smell to them. So, I was happy when my mother bought us a new jar and we had the real stuff! ;-)

Now... whenever my nephews would stop by with a jar of bubbles, I'd be reminded of my childhood, just from the smell. Suddenly, I was back to being the little girl in overalls and pig-tails again, wanting to blow bubbles! Until my nephews get angry that I was hogging the jar and grab it away from me. Oops! Well... sadly, I only have one nephew and one great niece who enjoy bubbles now. My other two nephews are older now and uninterested. One is the father of my great-niece and the other is a teen. =p

But, my youngest nephew is 7 and my great-niece is 2... so I have some years of swiping their bubbles yet! Heehee! ;-)

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5 Responses Mar 23, 2009

Chlorine reminds me of my childhood where I spent many months in our swimming pool.

I love the smell of the finger paints I used in kindergarten. I volunteer at a local elementary school and I love when them kids get to paint!

This was a happy story-a bubbly narrative too!<br />
There are many smells that do that for me. One, I am not quite able to identify...but it smells sort of like patchuoli. If I had to pick one...if would be the smell of the river when we were fishing at Hart Park :-)

oh i loved bubbles and playdough!

I love your story, Shadow.<br />
My smell is homemade playdough.