Jergens Cherry Almond

On my worst days I rub this lotion all over my body and it takes me back to my memories of my grandmother.  My dad's mother was totally different from my mom's mother, she was very sleek, feminine, and is the person I most modeled my life after.  I loved this woman and used to spend many summers with her and my grandfather.  One of her morning (if you can call 4:00 am morning) rituals was to shower and then to rub this lotion all over her milky white skin.  I don't remember her ever wearing any perfume except on special occasions so she always smelled like this lotion.  Ahhhh childhood memories.

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I love the way it smells.

This lotion DOES bring back memories! I can remember my grandmother using it as well!

Oh yeah and that is a great scent too.

The smell of grass after its cut I remember being a kid and laying in the grass smelling it right after it got cut

Coppertone is an awesome smell.

Coppertone is an awesome smell.

Coppertone is an awesome smell.

Coppertone and swimming at night.

I would say,the smell of rain after it's done and the sun comes out.The smell of the wet pavement and grass is timeless!Everything just smells fresh!

My primal river. The earthy wet smell. This was my true home…DD

Sounds like a wonderful lady :)

MMMM hers too. It was almost like a different world. I never will forget what she said to my mom. My mom apologized that our house wasn't spotless (as my grandmother's home was) and my grandmother told her. "A clean home is a nice thing to have but time with your family is the most important thing in life. When I look at you I see a woman that loves my son and my grandchildren. Let the house go until tomorrow, next week, next month, or whenever." That changed my mom's whole outlook that day.

my grandparents house had a very unique smell. its never left my mind!