Too Many To Recount.....

The smell of fresh mown grass on a hot summer day, takes me back to the base, spending lazy summers wandering round the camp and fields with my friends.

The smell of wood and sap, takes me to a forest near the village. We would take our bikes and cycle for miles in the never-ending maze of trees and dirt trails.

The smell of hot, humid summer rain, takes me back to our old house. Sitting on the balcony in the sweltering heat, watching the spectacular lightning storms right overhead.

The smell of fresh snow, takes me back to a foot of snow, winters so cold that my nose actually froze, sledding on the hills in the forest, and skiing in the mountains. 

The smell of ice, takes me back to the mountains, deep into the ice caves, seeing fantastic marvels in the light of magnesium, all the while shivering like crazy.

The smell of damp grass, takes me back to long summers, swimming in lakes swollen by snow melt. Picking leeches off of my legs before lying down in the sun. 

The sound of fireworks and the smell of gunpowder, takes me back to a cold winter's night by the river, weaving between the crowds of revellers, gaudily adorned with glowing garments and bracelets, all the while fireworks exploding overhead.

The smell of the sea and fish, takes me back to the harbour, the fish markets stretching for miles and the boats moored in their hundreds. The tour of the real pirate ship.

And many many more.

wardy131 wardy131
18-21, M
Feb 13, 2010