The song Down To Earth by Justin Bieber is about when your missing someone and they are far away from you so it's up to you two to meet. My facorite lyrics are, ''Momma You Were Always Somewhere & Daddy I Live Out Of Town, So Tell me How Could I Ever Be Normal Somehow?" & ''You Tell Me This Is For The Best So Tell Me Why Am I In Tears?'' Part of the irst lyric is true about me. My mom never spends time with me & my dad passed away. The second lyric is true because so many people tell me something i don't want to do is for the best.

The song Perfect by Simple Plan made me cry when my boyfriend got mad at me because he misunderstood me nd thought i lied to him. That isn't nessecarily what the song is about, it's about parents not understanding but i figured it sort of fit the situation i was in. My favorite lyrics are when it says ''Please Don't Turn Your Back I Can't Believe It's Hard Just To Talk To You But You Don't Understand!''
ilOV3yOU ilOV3yOU
13-15, F
Jul 30, 2010