O.p.p Yeah You Know Me

Firstly, I haven’t signed on here for a long while that, apparently, I forgot my password, and I forgot the email that I registered with to my official account... TheButterflyMind

So until I remember, I opened this temporary account. However, it’s likely I might keep this as my new official account and let go of the other. 

Sexy muffin, that’s what Patricia calls me.  :)

These past weeks, couple of months....

Wow, where do I start?  lol

I have missed coming here to think outloud. 

Well, my life has drastically changed since my last post.

Patricia, my ex-secret lesbian lover is presently now my girlfriend, and future wife. Sometime next year we talk of plans of a special day to exchange vows and rings, honeymoon-type getaway and whatnot. 

We’re living together (over 2 months) in another city, a significant distance from where I previously resided with my ex-girlfriend, Corrina.

Corrina is still part of my life. We are friends. Actually, I’m at her house right now using the computer to sign on here. 

I’m staying here at Corrina’s house for a few days until Saturday because..... 

ugh... it’s a long story. I’m lazy to go into specifics about that. Maybe some other time...

Anywho, Patricia is coming to pick me up on Saturday around elevenish a.m.

Let’s see, any further thoughts to share?....

Hmm, actually, I’m feeling a little scatter-brained right now, so I think I’ll conclude this post.


sexymuffin sexymuffin
31-35, F
Sep 13, 2012