With The Lights Out (disk 1, 2 & 3)- Nirvana (box-set)


The one album (or in this case set of albums) that has ALWAYS stuck with me is the "With The Lights Out" box-set.

I got it when I was about 16, when I was really getting into Nirvana's music. The whole thing blew me away. Never had I heard such beauty from music.

A lot of the songs are home demo's and recordings that Kurt had made himself, with a few studio demo's and live concert performances thrown in (and one crappy Butch Vig mix of "Smells Like Teen Spirit").

It is a truely amazing thing. The whole thing never fails to move me, it is a real insight into Kurt's mind.

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HAHAHAHAHAHA I am surprised that anyone is surprised by that any more HAHAHAHAHA =)