The Eagles 'Life In The Fast Lane'

I have several Eagles albums and forgive me, I do get mixed up on which songs came from which albums. Though I believe "Life In the Fast Lane" originally came from "Hotel California". Its fast and love the lyrics. Its got that rockin' bassy groove, which I love. I also like the title track. The Eagles are a great band I'm glad they're still together and sound EXACTLY the same as they did in the '70s. Lots of bands sound changes and I don't really like that. I'd like to hear new music in the old style. That's why I stop listening to some 'classic' bands.

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3 Responses Feb 9, 2010

SO many extraordinary songs! If I had to choose a personal fave, tho, it would be "Seven Bridges Road". Still gives me a "thrill" whenever I hear it!

I've never heard the studio version of this song mlanky. Even on the albums I own its the live version. Yeah, so unique for a rock band to sing acapella.

I seem to recall having read somewhere that no studio version of this song exists.

They sure do destiney24, thanks for your comment :~)

Yes. And, there is a big difference between them. Thanks for your comment jadininthemix.