Please Play At My Funeral

Ever since I was 12 (30 now), Creep by Radiohead has been my favorite song.  I want this song to be played at my funeral.  I have felt rejected my whole life.  Since childhood, my 'beauty' has been such a big deal.  Naturally, when I look at myself in the mirror, I do not see what other people see.  It does not make a difference to me if I am beautiful or not.  I do not mean to come across as vain.  I just know that I have been judged my whole life by the way I look, and I have always felt that I had more to offer, but for some reason people could not see past my face.  I have met so many beautiful people that did not necessarily fit society's idea of physical beauty.  I have always felt like a creep.  Sometimes I wonder if God was experimenting when He made me, because I do not feel my personality and looks match.  I hope I did not get too far off of the topic here, but I love, love this song. 

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Check out this cover of Creep by a guy called Homless Mustard. Moving.

It's weird...I always felt like an experiment too. My whole life I have been told I was beautiful. Guys give me attention and people always assume i am stuck up. <br />
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However, my personality has always been shy and introverted. I have always felt like an outcast and have battled depression. <br />
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I don't see beauty when I look in the mirror.

You are not alone. MANY people feel the way you do. That's why Thom wrote the song!<br />
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Please understand that and keep working on yourself. I highly recommend NLP and it and learn about it. I wish you the best.<br />
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ps- its a good song regardless...:)