Ghostbusters Theme Song

I was a big fan of Ghostbusters when I was a kid

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smiles............that song is just so well produced with just the right effects.....and talk about the ladies swooning when i sang it in groups I was in................mmmmmmmmmmmm yeah that was the one

Lol Wow Elfinsong! That IS way back! I had to youtube it to find out what the song is. I have heard this tune before but I didnt know the name until now lol.

I'm gonna kick this thing wayyyyyyy back........<br />
<br />
I Only Have Eyes For You

Awwwwwww (((((((TheBlimey)))))))

Ocarina of Time used to scare the poop outta me at night with the zombie things, but it is such an epic game. I want my N64 back, it broke :'(

Hey hey hey!!! My thumbs got worn out after going up the stairs and dodging ghosts to get to Zuul lol. Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of my favorite games of all time. I did beat that one :P hehehe

You disappoint me Tummie!<br />
Haha at least I wasn't as obsessed with Ghostbusters as I was with Zelda games on the Gameboy and N64. Classics..

Hahahaha yeah. I hate to admit this but...I never beat the NES version of Ghostbusters :O

Hahaha yeaah, my older brother had it and we were both obsessed. <br />
How I miss a good old side scrolling game :D

I never had the proton packs but i remember playing with the action figures. And last summer I played Ghostbusters on the Wii. I have to admit. I've been waiting for a game like that for almost my whole life! Remember Ghostbusters on the NES?

I used to have so many Ghostbusters toys, like those backpacks they wear in the movie with all the gadgets :D good times, good stuff. <br />
Hmm.. I think I may go watch it


Who ya gonna call?

Lol awwww sowwy ^_^

And now stuck in my head, before I go to sleep..nice one dude! hehe

Lol yeah, a very catchy one too!

hehe tune!