Deacon Blues

I shared this story in another group (I Love Steely Dan group) but it is worth re-telling. 

I was still in Elementary school when I first remember hearing it.  I was laying down across the backseat of my parents car( a banana yellow 1977 Lincoln Continental land yacht) sleeping; we were coming home from somewhere. Anyway, as we enter town, I wake up a little and gaze upwards through the rear window at the streetlights as we pass under them, casting their bluish glow. At that exact moment I hear a song playing on the car stereo...THE song...Deacon Blues by Steely Dan!  

Man!!!! I have simply loved that tune my entire life since that moment...and the band as well. To this day, hearing certain music sparks memories and fond remembrances, of a time before the troubles of life came on the scene. Endless summers...sledding and ice fishing in winters...the Charlie Brown holiday specials....those probably aren't the usual things a person would associate with a Steely Dan song, and they'd be right. But I got hooked into their music long before I understood where Becker and Fagen were coming from lyrically. And now I love them as much or more today.

....You call me a fool/ You say its a crazy scheme/ This one's for real/ I already bought the dream/ So useless to ask me why/ Throw a kiss and say goodbye/ I'll make it this time/ I'm ready to cross that fine line............................

Grin32 Grin32
31-35, M
Feb 22, 2010