All Of Amy Grant's Albums And Hanson's Middle Of Nowhere

I have been a fan of Amy Grant since I was a baby. My parents have been fans of hers since before they met eachother. So, her music has always been a part of my life. Everything she has sang from her album Amy Grant through to Legacy, Hymns, and Faith have been favorites of mine. I don't have any of her more current albums because I don't have an ipod, and the CD stores around here closed a long time ago, except for Target, Barnes and Noble, and Borders, but they don't really carry much of her music anymore, since she's not really popular anymore.

I became a fan of Hanson's music when they released Middle of Nowhere. It turned into an obsession. A couple years later, I had to give up my fandom in order to get over my obsession. I later went back to it because I remembered how happy their music made me. Now I'm Mmmboppin' along again, but not obsessive about it anymore. It kind of helps that they're all married, and I don't believe in divorce unless there's abuse. Hanson's music is feel-good music that helps lift my spirits.

Moreover, the music of these artists isn't dirty, there are no cuss words, no degrading messages of sex, womanizing, drugs, or any of that sort of thing, because they are Christians. I hate the fact that in order for musicians to be popular nowadays, an artist has to be sexual, and be immoral. I'm not like that, and I don't support those kind of ideas. Amy Grant, and Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson are extremely Christian people with only positive messages. Their messages are of human experience, and not completely shallow and superficial. There is no promotion of immorality, and they support wonderful causes. Amy Grant works with the Red Cross, the Children's Miracle Network, the Target House, and many, many other charities. Hanson has worked with Tom's Shoes, raised money for PHRU, a hospital in South Africa that works with children with AIDS, and have created the Take the Walk program, in which participants go on a one mile shoeless walk to raise money to help people in Africa. To learn more about Take the Walk, see

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Feb 27, 2010