The Biebs

Seriously I hated all of his music since I heard my niece singing his stuff/playing all of his music on repeat. His hair was awful (how did the people who discovered him let him keep his hair like that for so long?!) And it took a lot longer for his voice to change (balls to drop...) than it should have since he was in the public eye... but....

His new song...


A serious addiction of mine. 

And umm... he's not as hideous as I remember him being... oh boy... 

MoiraEthne MoiraEthne
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1 Response May 23, 2012

heck ya! I posted the same song. In our defense.. He sounds like Justin Timberlake... so as long as I close my eyes I can pretend it is someone else singing and I really get into this song.

That's exactly what I thought!!! And an article on yahoo news did compare him to JT a couple weeks ago... the video is ALOT like Justin's Like I love you video, which was his breakaway from Nsync, and this is kinda the Biebs attempt to breakaway from the 12 year old crowd. It's like Justin Vs Justin in here.

I would have lived happily in my fantasy world that Justin was peacefully crooning this song to me if my sister had not ruined it for me lol. She HAD to tell me who was really singing.