Here It Is But I Will Deny It If I Am Ever Asked.

He really did fool me. I thought this was Justin Timberlake until I was singing it at the top of my lungs in the shower and my sister yelled back, "why the hell are you singing Justin Beiber." LOL I told her I would disown her if she ever mentioned that scene outside of my house and I will lol. Oh and yes, i sing this song over and over still when I am alone. 


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I think a support group is definitely the best way to go about this.<br />
<br />
Its either that or an exorcism. <br />
<br />
Priest - What is wrong with the woman.<br />
Me - She has been touched by... "the Beiber".<br />
*gasps and whispers in the background*<br />
Priest - I cannot do this alone...

Wait, what the hell could be worse than that?

Just maybe lol

That sounds like a wonderful song and if you enjoy it while you are nekkid in the shower well you just go ahead, I won`t tell anyone. The shower is the only place that I sing when I`m nekkid so people cannot hear my terrible voice. SING ON DARLIN SING ON

Lmbo... wanna know another secret? I sometimes sing dirty songs in the heat of passion too lol.

I grew up with the timber lake. I was a boy band fan back in the day.

That explains SOOO much! LOL

Well, singing "the Beebs'" song is bad enough, but it's almost as disturbing that you think justifying it as sounding like Timberlake makes it better! lol

Hehe Scorpio. In my defense he sounds like Timberlake on this song... Oh please please still be my friend. ((giggles)) I know you can overlook this one character flaw.<br />
<br />
Lena, I will have to go listen to that. I don;t think I have ever heard it. :)

Gee I don't know. This truly is a test of our friendship. Okay okay I'll do ma best not to let this bother me.

Lol. It bothers me. I am thinking of joining a support group. ;)

I am sorry to say this fungirl but we can no longer be friends. I can accept most things. But Beliebers? Nope, I just can't do it. I wish you all the best. Take care. <br />
<br />

It gets stuck in your head and I seem to belt it out at the most inopportune times. I am a 40ish woman and i am not supposed to belt out the tunes of a teeny bopper and know all the words by heart.

Aww, it is a cute song..... I can admit it..... *blushes* :)

:) I know... There is another certain EP member that loves this song too. She will never admit it though but her user name is snowbunny1002. lol