Arms of the Angels, By Sara...

Arms of The Angels, by Sarah Maclaughlen,  It's a beautiful song, and I always loved it, but they started using it as anthem for animal adoption Commercial on TV, and when I first saw the commercial,, i was in tears.  Now, when I hear that song, I have to turn it off,, it just makes and feel so horrible, I see the faces on those poor things,, and I just go into a depression.

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2009

I do breakdown when I see it, so now, when It comes on, I have to switch the channel :(

I know exactly what you mean. This song came out the same week my grandpa died, six days before Christmas in 1998. It was on the radio on the way to his funeral. So not only has it always depressed me, but now they've got that commercial with the beat up dogs and cats and I wanna burst into tears everytime I see it! And that commercial just never ends!