Anything by the Black Eyed Peas.  Namely a song called "My Humps".

Worst song ever.  I hear it so often in the hallways of my school.  I think it promotes the wrong values. 

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i swear, i was about to post the same story.. anything to do with the black eyed peas is just CRAP... and boom boom pow gets highly on my nerves >.<

Oh yeah. :p<br />
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I dont like the thought that people try to make money off of instilling these wrong values into young peoples' heads.<br />
"Promiscuous Girl" By Nelly Furtado is another example of that. This is the reason why I dont listen to mainstream music.

Hmm...<br />
I'm more ashamed about humans creating bigger problems (or not solving them) like nuclear war, poverty, and global warming.<br />
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This song is just a display of immaturity and deteriorating values (or lack thereof) , which is a part of human nature I guess. In the current state its at, anyway.

I've been vegetarian for some time now. My family initially was against it because of health reasons, but now they are accepting it.<br />
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I agree with you! I think everyone has their own style of beauty that makes them unique and attractive in their own way. Its so sad to see the toll that society's ideals are taking on everyone. I wish people could see the beauty in themselves. Maybe what it takes for that is the presence of someone else who can see it in them first.

In my family, no meat means you're starving yourself. How long have you been a vegetarian? Is your family okay with it now?<BR><BR>The ideals of beauty, no matter what they are, do damage society. For some reason or other, there are many sceptics on this issue because from the outside, it sounds superficial. I know people who have or have had these eating disorders. It isn't something to be taken lightly. Why can't we just accept that beauty comes in many forms and not just the ideal? I also find that when I get to know a person who is genuine and beautiful on the inside, the more I percieve them as beautiful no matter how they look. That sounds contrived and cheesey, but it's true. I think that's why there are people who look like unlikely couples on the outside, yet see their soul mate as "the most beautiful person on Earth" no matter what their physical appearance.

That was how it was for me too. When I first wanted to be a vegetarian, my family was against it because they were concerned for my health. But I actually feel better than ever now-- both physically and emotionally, knowing that my existence does not come at the cost of other lives! Transitions are difficult but once you get accustomed, it becomes a whole lot easier.<br />
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Well, the awareness for these deterioration of values has certainly gone up. Thats progress in some sense. Hopefully it will lead to a better future. <br />
Another thing which I wish would change is the ideals of beauty and how fiercely they are imposed on the nation's youth. It makes me sad, learning of people with anorexia or bulimia, who feel they need to look like they're on the verge of death in order to be beautiful.

Yes, it does seem that way. I've heard things about the meat industry (some from good ol' Jamie Oliver) and it's horrible. But I admit that I can't bring myself to give it up, so I eat fish caught by my dad and organinc chicken. Actually, it always plagues my conscience because and I don't like killing things. I sometimes ask people if they would eat a chicken if it was their pet and they inevitably say no. But what's the difference? My family laughs at me on this...<br />
"That was so well-put and accurate, above all" - haha thanks :) I just feel strongly about these things. I hope that certain values don't fade away. I like to think that people will again rebound and there will be a return to the values that we see dying out at present. I think that I can already see it - more people are getting sick of what's happening and maybe things will turn around and become more balanced.

I agree. I also think that the desensitization applies on a large scale. It seems like more and more people are concerned only with themselves and callous/indifferent toward the suffering of others, like in Darfur and the meat industry. <br />
But in terms of what you said, how true! Man, you should be a sociologist or something. That was so well-put and accurate, above all. I wish there was some way of breaking the cycle. It seems like modern day society is taking a plunge and making a change for the worse. At this rate, it'll only be a few hundred years before certain values become a thing of the past. Personally, I dont want that to happen.

Yeah, the parents weren't doing their job at all. I think that there's no one thing that is behind the degradation of values. Firstly and most obviously, there is the media, like what you mentioned. We can't escape from it - we're bombarded with it every day. Since they discovered that "sex sells", it's been all over the media. And it's harder to stop small children from being exposed to it. <BR>In a way, this desensitisation to sex and violence of all kinds might also be down to an idea that after the repression of free-speech, ex<x>pression etc throughout history, these sorts of things should now be accepted by everyone without any qualms, otherwise they're 'prudish.' An extended backlash of sorts.<BR>This in turn has an effect on the family and parenting (people's percetions are different to what they used to be) and the cycle continues. <BR>Sorry about the essay :P What do you think?

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I think that society is mainly the culprit for the smudging of lines between childhood and adulthood and the degradation of values. Songs and music videos and shows that promote this sort of stuff at such a young age. And also the parents! Gosh! You gotta wonder what the hell the parents are doing, not intervening when a 12 year old kid starts getting that serious with girls. <br />
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What do you think is behind all of this?

Yeah it is like throwing your childhood away :( The society that we live in now appears to be opposed to childhood. Over here, there have been many cases of popular clothing stores selling bikinis, 'lingerie' and t-shirts with suggestive slogans on them...to girls of six! It disturbs me. Have you heard of the fairly recent story of the 13 year old who fathered a child to a 15 year old girl? He was only 12 at the conception. What makes this story horrible is that the father of this boy is trying to cash in on this story. This story makes me especially sad because that means he was only two years older than my little brother, who is still such an immature, cute little boy.

I suppose not. I heard of a second grader who recently became pregnant and I was completely repulsed. I just feel like we're only kids once, you know? Enjoy childhood while it lasts and save the adult stuff for when you grow up. <br />
Plus at that age, teens arent mature enough to understand the significance of parenthood. They themselves are still children, kind of. It seems like throwing a life away.

I think that it's depressing. Apparently, the UK, where I am, is the teenage pregnancy capital of western Europe. It's incredibly sad that it leads to heart ache for so many because they can't cope or don't feel ready for the baby, so they abort or give it away. Especially when the mother is very young - girls are getting pregnant younger and younger. Can they even comprehend what has happened and the impact it will have on their lives?

At the teachers?! o_O<br />
Wow....that is disturbing. I mean I've thought one of my teachers was cute, but I wouldn't go doing that sort of crap before him.<br />
What do you think of teenage pregnancy?

Talking of sexuality amongst teens...today I was unfortunate enough to witness a group of 12-13 year olds perving all over the male teachers in my school. At one point, one of them did a little bent-armed wave and pout at one of the teachers in some kind of sickening mock-cute pseudo-suggestive manner. It was bizarre. I don't remember being like that when I was that age. Times have changed...and I'm not even old yet.

Well I heard a girl humming it the other day who looked to be about 12 or 13. Seriously, wtf....<br />
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The last thing America needs is another song promoting sexuality amongst teens.

You still hear that song?! Wow...for me that was quite a few years ago. "Old" songs (as in 'that came out last year') tend to die out pretty quickly over here. I feel for you - I couldn't stand that song, let alone everyone singing it in the hallway.