It Will Freak Some Of My Family Out!! Lmao


My closest friends and dearest family have promised to have a grand Irish party when I depart this old world.  I want them to remember the good times and all the fun, laughter and most of all the love we have shared.  I've been to too many funerals where everyone is sick and puffy from crying and sad music is being played.  I want a PARTY!

Followed by this one by Third Day.... for my sons.....


And when the party is over and you have lifted a glass of cheer for me I want this to be played.  It is my favorite.  It is where you will find me.....


No tears.... just smiles ;)

I'll be waiting with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.  I love you all!   {{{{HUGS}}}}

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Thank you Miss DragonM, I'm so happy to see you here on EP ;) Yes, I need not have answered but decided to so no one else will ask the same rude q's. I do love life and I want those who send me off to remember happy times. Forever and a day, my sister.... Giggles

I like this story, Giggles. It speaks to your love of life and the celebration and passage into Summerland. You need not have answered the rude questioner above, but since you chose to be kind and set the record straight, I applaud you. Forever and a day.... DragonM

Yes, very different, I'm not your run of the mill person and I do not care for the standard funeral...least not for myself. Have I ever lost anyone in my immediate family?? Yes, my first husband died in my arms, my daughter died in the same car accident, I lost a baby boy 3 days after his birth, my Dad died in 2006, and I've lost many favorite aunties , uncles, and grandparents whom I considered immediate family. I mourned their deaths, cried my eyes out, lived with a broken heart and spirit at times.....but I celebrated their passage across the veil and know I will see them again. Hope that answered your question thoroughly. It is obvious from your questions you feel my attitude towards my own death is somehow not appropriate.....all I can say to you is "to each his own" and if you prefer people falling on your casket and screaming until they be it. I do not.

Very different! and postive. have you ever lost someone in your imediate family to death? just curious on how you handled that?


More than life....that's a fact.

LMBO....aaawwww, but you LUVS meeeee!! Mwah!

Oh for gawd's sake!!! If Mythos asks me what it's like to live with a witch I'm just going to point him to the convos you and Cheeky have on these posts!!! Enough said!!!!

Tahahahah, good idea no? That'd learn 'em to mess with Giggles!! Hmm...on second thought I'd much rather haunt YOUR underwear drawer.... pffffttttt....

Lol, Miss SC, I'll help you guard the doors. I've met the ones she's talking about... she's right ;)<br />
<br />
@ Giggles, ... haunt their underwear drawer so they have to go pantsless?! Omg ;)

Aaw, ok, we don't want your puddy to be a pancake....eewww, give him a pet for me and tell him I'm sorry....I'm not, but tell him that anywhoooo =D

Hey. or I could come back and haunt their underwear drawer?! KEWL.... they'd have to go through life pantsless.... tahaha, some of my fam sux! I want guards at the door so they can't come in, just peep through the windows and watch you all having a blast!!! You are in charge of arranging that ;D

Hahaha, I CAN'T leave yet!! There are pranks to be played and memories to make.... oh, and chocolate to eat!!!!!! I love a party, I might just stop in and do a little happy dance, lol, now that would REALLY freak some of my family out.... the ultimate prank =D

Hey I just saw this, but I will throw a party for ya too. and NO your not going anywhere any time soon!

LOL, yes, evil seems to live forever so I'm sure my "real" mom will show up to throw herself on the floor and cry.... teehee, won't she be shocked when you guys are all singing and having a party :) I will be looking on in much pleasure!!

Aaw, these two songs are soooo YOU! But you aren't going anywhere just yet so let's just celebrate life in the here and now!! (haha, I can picture some of your relatives faces.... :O )

Thanks Grin32 :)