Just Friends - Musiq

 This sort of goes back to the confession that I wrote earlier about basically being a single gal in a sea of married, engaged and pregnant people. 

"Just Friends" is a song about meeting a person and only wanting to just be friends with them - nothing more than that.  He's talking to a girl and telling her that there's no pressure, and to just keep it real.  To just be friends and nothing more.  Anyway, what I'm feeling right now is that it would be nice to have single friends to go out, party, drink and have a good time with...because with all of my friends now - the preggo ones can't drink (they probably shouldn't party either) and the engaged and married people only want to be with their spouse/fiance.   

I need more single people to hang out with.  I want to "hook up, hang out, just chill" :)

yoyy yoyy
26-30, F
Feb 23, 2009