Many, But If I Had To Choose...

It would be a Sister Hazel song.  Here's one of them-- you should look it up on and take a listen. Ken Block's voice is what does it for me.  He's an Angel.

"Tear By Tear" by Sister Hazel

We all know sadness

And I feel your pain

Well everybody knows a little loneliness sometimes

'Cause we're all the same

We all have sorrow

We all have shame

Everybody feels a bit of emptiness sometimes

Now what you gonna do about that

There's a way to keep going

Step by step

Try to fix what's been broken

Brick by brick

While your life will keep coming

Year after year

Drain the pain

Tear by tear

Drain away the pain

Tear by tear

Take a look around you

Every face that you see

Well everybody gets a little paralyzed sometimes

The epidemic of our insanity

And the mother she waits

'Cause her teenager's late

Till the knock on the door

He says ma'am I am so sorry

And soldiers come home

One leg less than they'd gone with

We all walk around like there's just nothing wrong with it

The doctor he cries 'cause his last patient died

Did I mention before he was a father of five

And the waitress is home

Well she can't pay her loan

She's lost everything - everything

Has no where to go

And the fat kid at school couldn't take anymore

All the taunts and the names and the ugliest words

No one even stopped to notice

Went on with their day

Till he pulled out a gun and blew himself away

There's a way to keep going

Step by step

Try to fix what's been broken

Brick by brick

Oh, and "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" made me bawl after I read about the inspiration for the song.  I haven't been able to listen to it since without it making me really sad.

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2 Responses Apr 28, 2010

song that always makes me emotional is Epiphany by well as One by U2

Yeah, 'Sunday Bloody Sunday', i was only a kid when it happened but knew it was bad stuff.<br />
The two songs that bring near as to tears are; <br />
Pogues 'Fairy Tale of New York' <br />
Might sound strange coming from a bloke but i just think it's a brilliantly romantic song. The passion in Kirsty MacColls voice is great.<br />
And the other song would be Madness 'It must be love' It reminds of my last realtionship which could have ended better, and gone better come to that!