God Bless The Usa

19 years ago in May, I was on a plane headed for NYC, via Saudi Arabia...after a stint of time in Iraq and Kuwait. We were about to fly over New York Harbor, and the captain of the airplane announced that the Statue of Liberty was on the right side of the aircraft, and they started playing this song. I had heard it many times in my life before this, but now it meant something, as I was flying home from war, and seeing the Statue of Liberty while the song is playing....I totally lost it. I have not been able to listen to that song without breaking down, ever since. I have also had to perform this song a few times over the years, and have had to fight off the feeling to just melt down every time. God Bless The USA holds a very special place for me...but I still can't listen to it.
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Yeah...me too sometimes. I love to find the emotional pieces

I can be a real cry baby sometimes when it comes to music.

All greats!

"Don't take the Girl" "Whiskey Lullaby" "Hole in the Floor of Heaven" etc etc