Many Songs Make Me Cry.

There are songs that make me cry because of how sad they are, because I can really feel the pain it expresses... or there are songs that make me cry because of the memories they bring. I love music and I have listened to music all my life.

Daniel, from Elton John or the cover made by Wilson Phillps. Obviously the best is the one sung by Elton John, but the other one is not bad.

Then there is Feel from Robbie Williams. The memories it brings... of a wonderful trip, of a faraway time... I cried a lot with this song at the concert. It was a wonderful song indeed.

Well...what about U2? I can think of two: New year's Day and Please.

These are quite a few. I guess that's just enough for today.
I don't feel like crying right now, so I'd better stop!

Kvetina Kvetina
31-35, F
3 Responses Apr 23, 2012