Simple Minds, Radiohead, Guns N Roses

"Don't You Forget About Me" - Simple Minds. Clique, yes, I am aware. Everytime I hear this I think of my dear old friend who has spiralled into drugs and alcohol. It makes me nostalgic for the old times, then remember the recent times.

"Exit Music (for a film)" or "Lucky" - Radiohead. Specifically Exit Music because it was the song I fell asleep to next to my ex for the first time. We went through hell to get me moved to NC with him.

"Roof with a Hole" - Meat Puppets. I will forever think of the same ex. Regardless of how our relationship turned out, there were those close, intimate moments we shared that we will never have with anyone else.

"Sweet Child of Mine" - Guns n Roses. Again, clique, but I'm a child of divorce, a former daddy's girl. I will always be the sweet child of my daddy.


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2 Responses Aug 15, 2009

Eva Cassidy's "Songbird"!

Omg the first time I heard Pink Floyd's "Great Gig In The Sky" I was balling. Well, my eyes were. Eminem's "Sing For The Moment" made me weep the first 20 times I heard it.