You Are An Earl Grey Tea Latte

You are an old fashioned person with down to earth tastes. You always are looking for quality.
You appreciate subtly, and you always realize that less is more. You aren't bowled over by novelty.

You are brilliant and sharp. There is a perfect balance you're striving to achieve in your life.
You enjoy home comforts and simple pleasures. You are a creature of habit and you relish your routine.

I never tried Earl Grey Tea. I should try it.

I used to drink coffee. Well. I don't drink coffee anymore because I know that too much coffee make me chubby. So I stick with tea. I don't need cream or sugar in my tea. I drink my tea black.  Sometimes I have chai tea.
mother1983 mother1983
31-35, F
1 Response Oct 20, 2010

thanks Lena.