California! Luckily, I'm Already Here!

You Should Live in California
If you don't want to live in California, you might also consider:

New Hampshire
New Jersey

Granted, this is a very short quiz - just a few questions. I'll take Cali over the NE anytime, our weather is better!
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6 Responses Mar 16, 2011

ive lived in many states... even on the big island.... i perfer calif

Oh yeah! I did the John Muir Trail and started from Tualome Meadows and south to Mount Whitney-fuggin' gorgeous 360 degree views-nothing compares to the High Sierras.

HI would be nice, yes. But as far as the "contiguous 48" goes, we've got it. We even have the highest mountain in the lower 48, with Mt. Whitney (gorgeous). We've got the most spectacular scenery (not to mention variety) - oceans, mountains, deserts. It's a great state. I've been here for over 17 years (from Tennessee originally) and I LOVE it here!

I just took it and the friggin' was right on with secondary suggestions-Hawaii-ohhhh man would I love to move to Hawaii-number one was Massachusetts!chah right No offense to anyone in Mass., but I am not movin' dere anytime soon!-I am born and raised in California and love this state!

Amen to that! Out there havin' fun in that old California sun!

Whoooohoooo CALI ROCKS!!!!