New Hampshire, Iowa Or Alabama? None of the Above

You Should Live in New Hampshire If you don't want to live in New Hampshire, you might also consider:


Out of all of them Alaska sounds the most interesting and that is just for visiting! Though if I just changed my body type from a little over weight to average I got:


As my choices otherwise... WHAT DOES MY BODY TYPE HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH WHERE I LIVE? Let me try saying I'm too thin:

New Mexico

GoddessNakiBean GoddessNakiBean
36-40, F
4 Responses Feb 15, 2009

i think alaska would rock- i live in tennessee

I've lived in Florida most of my life. I lived in California and got used to mountains... I want to move again to some place with mountains and rivers/lakes/some kind of water. I don't really want harsh below 0 winters but I do want the topography. I've NEVER lived more than 30 minutes from an ocean.

*laughing* It must be an internal memo... I wonder if it was to slow down the number of snow birds. I'll be waiting for you! *giggling* What state would you be interested in moving to?

I think some better questions are "Do you like mountains?", "Do you like the water?" or "Do you like desert?" Or "Do you like rain?" These help with the topography and climate of the state. *shrugs* <br />
<br />
*smiling* some of those questions were strange... I would think if I had put highly religious it would then ask of which religion... being some states have that. *laughing* I live in FL... didn't you get the memo or it must only be an internal one? We are starting to snow starting 2010. *giggling*