Christina Carter Is An Awesome Wonder Woman!

Yes fans of the Amazing Amazon, Christina Carter's "Wonder Woman XXX - A **** Parody" has been released at The film stars Christina Carter as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince, Paris Kennedy as the villain Minerva, Tasha Reign as Stephanie Trevor and Randy Moore as Feminine Spirit. The film has been released in episodes so it's a little pricey. As the film's writer and executive producer, let me break down the episodes for you to help make choices if you want to be selective.

Episode 1 has the general introduction of the story's characters. In addition to some fun commentary between, Diana Prince and Stephanie Trevor, there is a nice g/g domination scene between Diana Prince and Stephanie Trevor, some good FX and Wonder Woman saving the day. The best part of this episode is Christina Carter's portrayal of Diana Prince which CC absolutely nails. For those of who wanted always wanted to see [Stephanie] Trevor take it to Diana Prince this clip is for you!

Episode 2 has Minerva kidnapping and turning Stephanie Trevor to her side. Minerva has a little fun with Stephanie. Episode 2 includes a very nice capture scene, an exciting bondage/domination scene and a fun g/g sex scene. Wonder Woman doesn't appear in this episode.

Episode 3 has Wonder Woman rescuing Stephanie from Minerva. Episode 3 begins with Minerva and Stephanie finishing their sex. Wonder Woman shows up, fights, defeats, golden lasso interrogates and captures Minerva or does she? This episode is for lovers of Wonder Woman's transformation, strength, fight skills, bracelets and golden lasso in all their glory.

Episodes 4 - 6 will cover Wonder Woman's setbacks and trials. Fans of the Lynda Carter TV series peril will not be disappointed.

Hope you enjoy our video! Thank you for your time. -Tyr Garm (Writer/executive producer)
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Dec 2, 2012