What Does It Mean When...

my mother had issues when I was young and couldn't really raise me.  The woman that raised me (and is till consider her to be my mother for it) is Jamaican.  

Anyways I was thinking about it today what kind of superstitions did other people grow up with because everyone thinks I'm crazy.

hic-ups= you are growing

yawn= you are hungry

eye jumping= something bad is going to happen you are going to cry

hand itches= you will come into money

ear ringing= someone is talking about you/ thinking about you

bit your tongue= someone is talking about you

dream of someone dying= something bad will happen to them on vacation

rains on your wedding day= you will have a bad marriage 

have a solitaire diamond in your wedding ring (or what ever stone)= you will have a solitaire marriage.


that's all I can think of at the moment but I thought it was interesting.


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i have never heard the last one and it is now my favorite lol! how could they walk over my grave though if i can feel the chill?

I pretty well had the same superstitions you had.<br />
A few more:<br />
If you get a chill, someone has walked on your grave.<br />
If you are choking, pump one arm up and down.<br />
If your legs hurt, you are growing. <br />
I know the one about palm itching but there's another.<br />
If your *** hole itches, someone close is going to **** you over.