I Am Angry

I know my father was a dhampir as well, but I do not know about his real family because he was adopted. But I know that I am a dhampir because I can fight exceptionally well, like fighting, know how to fight with swords, want to become a bodyguard, and I feel that I am different in my blood. Plus I know that I am half-vampire because blood makes me stronger, even if it is in little doses. I heal pretty quickly as well and only faint scars are left over from the cuts that I have. I have never broken a bone, even though I do very reckless things. My nails are thicker than any human nails. My toenails are extremely hard to break and are very long. My skin is hard to pierce. I have small upper and lower fangs. I move pretty quickly. My skin temperature is a bit hotter than a normal human's skin temperature. My eyes are neither brown, green, nor blue, but some color in between. Another reason I know I am a dhampir: weird and paranormal **** only happens around me; such as lights moving up, down, left, or right in the sky at night, people with glowing skin, abnormally large wolves, people with bug-like eyes and razor-sharp teeth, sharks with legs, the power to manipulate fire, water, and lightning, and other people, the power to read minds, the power to know what people are feeling, the power of levitation, the power to see spirits, the power to control light, and the power to feel objects pulsate. Those are paranormal things. I believe that the lights in the sky are aliens from other worlds because I think they are watching me because I have the ability to visit other worlds in my sleep. The places I visit in my sleep cannot possibly be on Earth. The places are too grand, too vast, too clean to be on Earth. But the places look like Earth without the dirtiness of our world. I have also dreamed of the world ending so, therefore, I know the world WILL end sooner or later. Most likely sooner. And I've seen us after it ends: scavenging and rebuilding our world. Maybe this time around we should change how we act, for all there is in this world is greed, hunger, and sex. Earth is becoming overpopulated with scum. Teenagers are popping out babies. ****** will be the new thing a couple of years from now. The Internet is our main focus. Without the Internet how can we possibly survive? People need to learn how to survive without it or else they are going to go crazy and more psychos in the world are just not good. Crime rates are going up. Gas rates are rising. People are going hungry. Food is running out. The army is losing good people because they are fighting for ridiculous beliefs. WE ARE NOT FIGHTING OUR WARS!! WE ARE FIGHTING THEIR WARS!! THIS IS WHY WE ARE GETTING BOMBED!! STOP FIGHTING THEIR WARS AND WE WILL NOT BE BOMBED!! Payback is a *****, but that is what we get for fighting their wars. If we did not fight their wars then we would not get bombed. Bush was a dumbass for putting us in that position and Obama is even dumber if he agrees with Bush. THIS IS NOT OUR WAR!! WE ARE NOT FIGHTING FOR OUR RIGHTS!! WE ARE FIGHTING AGAINST PEOPLE THAT WE DO NOT HAVE PROBLEMS WITH!! THE REASON WE GOT BOMBED WAS BECAUSE WE ATTACKED THEM!! IF WE HAD NOT ATTACKED THEM THEY WOULD NOT HAVE BOMBED US!! WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE SO STUPID?! HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN WHAT OUR MORAL CODE IS?! HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN WHAT WE PLEDGED TO PROTECT?! WE ARE FIGHTING AGAINST POOR COUNTRIES!! THEY NEED OUR HELP!! WE DO NOT NEED TO FIGHT THESE PEOPLE!! THEY MEAN US NO HARM!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?! WE STARTED THIS WAR!! MAYBE YOU ALL SHOULD FEEL THEIR HATE INSTEAD OF US!! BECAUSE IT WAS YOU THAT ATTACKED THEM!! NOT US!! WHY SHOULD WE PAY FOR YOUR ANGER?! HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF WE ROSE UP AND ATTACKED YOU?! HUH?! HOW?! JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE A GUN DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN ATTACK DEFENSELESS PEOPLE, INNOCENT PEOPLE!! WE WILL SHOW YOU WHAT ITS LIKE TO ANGER INNOCENT PEOPLE!! TRY AND SHOOT US!! WE WILL ATTACK AND YOU WILL SUFFER BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU DID TO THEM!! I DARE YOU TO SHOOT!! I dare you!!
FluffyFirerose FluffyFirerose
18-21, F
1 Response May 12, 2012