Tulips Say You're Very Positive - I Just Think Tulips Are Such A Sunny Flower!

Tulips Say You're Very Positive


You are very popular and universally admired. 
Well, that's a nice thought, but not so sure it's true.

You are often hopelessly in love, and you connect to other people easily. 
I would rather NOT be OFTEN hopelessly in love, doesn't show much staying power, does it?  I do feel like I connect to others easily.

You are a naturally cheerful and upbeat person. You have an amazing smile.
I want to be naturally cheerful and upbeat, and underneath all this stuff life has heaped on me, I am, I think!  I have been told I have an amazing smile, which is always nice to hear, but I don't know if I think it is AMAZING!  : )

You have a fresh perspective on things. You have a different way of looking at the world.
These, I think are two of my strengths, which I hope one day will help me to be an effective professional counselor.
DorothyofOz DorothyofOz
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3 Responses Jan 4, 2011

Supermom - that is so nice of you to say!! Peace and Love to you!

WB - you have made my day - what nice comments!! Thanks my dear friend!!

"You are very popular and universally admired" =hmmmm!!! i think this part is true! as you are so well loved on Ep and, because Ep is "universal" you are also "admired to" :-) <br />
<br />
Oh!! yes! "connect to other's" yes!!! :-) <br />
Also cheerful! when i speak to you! :-) <br />
<br />
And i think! you!!! my friend, will be an excellant "counceler" good luck!!! :-) <br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing your post! :-)