My Seven

  1. I will go for something till the last drop of fuel
  2. I am willing to learn from others but will change myself only if I feel like I want to
  3. I will never lose my self
  4. I will help those in need of real help,but not the lazy bums
  5. I will love all those I like,till I am above the ground
  6. I will never brood over the past or worry about the future
  7. I will try to get along with all sorts of people with different attitude, behaviour and cultural background
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22-25, M
6 Responses Oct 5, 2009

Thank you touchofspring!

Really? are they uplifting?I never thought mine will be uplifting to someone!<br />
Yeah I have added some recently! Thanks for your time in my stories!

aw! I guess since you aren' t here, I'm gonna have to stalk your stories because they are all uplifting!!!<br />
lol!<br />
I've got catching up to do because you have 32 now!

Yeah I agree.... Everyone is part of the society we live in and has some impact on us indirectly or directly...But I wonder why its so hard to find close friends of completely contrasting cultures....Why people think theirs is much superior or like other's culture is insane...Even this serves as a hindrance to globalisation

Yeah..I agree...One should be able to get along with people with different cultures because at the end of the day we all belong to same species,humans...<br />
Its difficult to live in the present but I feel like everyone must work towards achieving it...<br />
Thanx for your comments

Love your last thought re' different cultures and backgrounds. It is very multi racial where I work and every day there are problems but things would be so much better if we all thought that it is important that we all get along well.<br />
Also no point brooding about the past or worrying over the future .. I am always losing my present by doing one or the other!