G'day Mate!

I have always had Australia on my "to visit" list.  Maybe one day....

You Should Go on an Australian Cruise
You're the kind of person who is interested in everything. You have a hardcore desire to experience it all.   (True)

You fit in perfectly in the largest cities in the world, but you also cherish your time in nature.  (I think so)

You are an active and energetic person. You don't want to lounge around on a cruise ship... you want to go diving or kangaroo watching!  (umm... no, not quite.  I'm not one to sit about, but I'm not that sporty/active either  Kangaroo watching over diving.... unless it is diving in a shallow pool)

You want your vacation to be completely action packed. You'll sleep when you're back at home.   (see comments above.  I like stuff to do - but like time to chill out as well)
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You dont have to be that active to go snorkelling, you can see a lot of aquatic life that way, and reef.<br />
<br />
Imogen - the Gold Coast is very touristy these days :( We do have LOTS of other stunning beaches, though.

My thoughts exactly. If only it was a little closer....