Oh, Bollocks...

You Are an Apple You are strong, powerful, and even a bit stubborn at times.
You have enough strength to help those around you in trouble.

You are adventurous and charming. Many people are drawn to you.
You love life, and you enjoy traveling the world. You enjoy fine food, art, and culture.

People have accused you of being a snob, but that's not accurate.
You do enjoy the best things in life. Unlike snobs, you truly appreciate quality... not just pretend to.


I swore I was only going to join the group and post a story if they told me I was a banana - but here I am anyway. I don't think most of this is accurate - but what would I know??

The bit about being stubborn *might* be true...

sevvysebby sevvysebby
31-35, F
1 Response Feb 19, 2009

Is that so? Well, maybe your 'Inner Gender' result was accurate too =P<br />
<br />
You're lucky you've got such a HOT avatar, otherwise I'd have to smack you.