The Delorean

When I just got my new car, I wanted to find a winding ocean road and enjoy the cornering and the view - had to pick opening it up on the highway instead! I did always want one of these things after seeing Back to the Future though.

"You don't take yourself too seriously, and you prefer a fun, unusual car... like this Back to the Future gem! "
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Wow. It does have a Japanese sound to it. There you go - the things we miss out on here in Australia! Just another thing that I have learned via EP.

it's actually a Honda.... Honda developed Acura as a luxury/performance brand to compete with lexus and bmw....

I've seen a lot of Top Gear episodes but I've never seen one of those! Couldn't even figure out where they were made - is it some sort of hot-up of another US car? Wow. And lucky you with the road. Here if we get a bit excited on our roads with hills and dips we'll probably end up impaled on a large, slow-moving bit of farm machinery...

I drive a 230 hp Acura TL with a six speed shift...<br />
I happen to live close to a route that has been called one of the best stretches of road in the US...<br />
I love driving out there for the hell of it... lots of hills, dips and twists... I really do love my car

Yeah - I think that road was designed for that purpose - it's so beautiful. <br />
<br />
You didnt take your bike out for fun?! What were you thinking?? You know the gals you could have picked up with that bike and a little adventure??!! Sheesh!! ;) LOL

EH: You know the road I was thinking about. Believe it or not, I had a motorbike for a while, and stupidly only ever used the thing for going places - never did a leisure ride like that!!! What was I thinking???<br />
<br />
Pamster you'd love the beaches here, especially the isolated ones. There'd be plenty of space for doing the things you've written about ;)

Yes, there's on particular ocean/ coastal road that's fantastic for that. I've always wanted to go on a motorbike down it.