We Were Barely Moving

For all my fantasies and stories about how much I love rough sex, I have to honestly say that my most intense ******* have been with my wife when we are barely moving. I think they are most intense for both of us. We can do it with either one of us on top, and we get ourselves into a position where we are literally one on top of the other, no legs wrapped around or straddling. If I'm on top, then my legs are straight back, right on top of her legs.

The one on top very slowly, but VERY firmly slides their body forward, deepening the penetration, then hold it there firmly, then slowly backward to about half penetration, hold it there, and so on. I think she must be doing a lot of the squeezing and gripping, but it really hits her just right, too. She always **** when we're in this position, and of course so do I. What makes it so intense for me is that she can hold me in her a certain way that prolongs my ****** and literally milks me for every drop. It's absolutely mind blowing.
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2 Responses Jul 29, 2010

Oh, I DO know this position... I DO! It can be FANTASTIC!!!!!<br />
<br />
Had I known... I would have done this for you....<br />
<br />
Milk the last drop out of you.... then I could lick you clean....

Thanks for the position.