Blows hot and cold
one day says she wants me to be me and gives me femme clothes to wear
the next she is teling me to pack my bags.
I ve not gone because she is my best friend.
What do others find?
christinemelody christinemelody
56-60, T
4 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Dressing is no longer a part of my life with my wife. However, like you, my wife is my best friend, and I live with that. She stuck with me 33 years ago almost to the day when she was my girlfriend and when I told her everything about me, which I will never forget. Life evolves. Perhaps, my dressing with her will someday return. Incidentally, my dressing never ventured beyond the bedroom.

I think your wife may be schizophrenic as my ex was like that and I found out later her father had schizophrenia and it is hereditary. Worth getting her checked out if you can. In the mean time, you just have to watch her moods and make sure your femme side goes into hiding when the conditions are unfavorable. Make sure when you are dressed around her that you are always kind, gentle and loving (you probably are anyway), but when you have to be in drab, make sure she sees she has not lost the husband she married. Good luck

Wow, that must be tough to deal with. I'm sorry you have to go through that. Fortunately my wife is very supportive; I don't get to dress as often as I would like die to our busy lives but both of us look forward to the times I can. We also talk about life in the future with me dressing so I truly believe she wants me to express myself, but just can't very often right now.

Do not argue, just smile and stay.