Short And Textured :D

Short and Textured  

Well not far off my hair style!! Mine is the long bob! nearly shoulder length!
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Well hellooooo!!! my darling sweetcitywoman! :D Isn't it an easy to manage hairstyle? I'm now able to wash and go and i love it! ;D <br />
Thank you also for dropping by and leaving feedback! thank you darling! :D :D

Plaid, my darling girlie! :D thank you for leaving me feedback! :D Awwwwww!!! i bet you look soooooooo!!!! cute! :D I have always wanted curly hair, used to have perms in the 80's most all the time,. Now i just leave it short and as is. easier for me, LOL You are so lucky,. :D <br />
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Thank you for commenting chicka!! :D :D

mistygrey!! hellooooo!!! my gorgeous! :D thank you darling for stopping by and leaving a comment! :D Yes that's my hairstyle but the colour i have is black that's the slight difference! :D <br />
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Thank you for your feedback chicka!! :D :D

Now, see, I could never pull that look off 'cause I've got too much natural curl. Think Shirley Temple and you're not far off!

Both the style and the colour are gorgeous :)

My hair and style is exactly as the pic, here, only my hair is straighter! :D

Yeah!!! my bob is la<x>yered, but my hair is as straight as a dye! "literally"! it really is sooooo! straight! even when la<x>yered and wavy! So now i just leave as is and am as happy as Larry! LOL <br />
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All i do, is copy and paste the little pic they show, i've been doing that for years! LOL

I've had this type of style for nearly 7, 8 years now! Everyione says it suits, the shape of my face! :D Do, you think it would suit you!!?? if you went for this type of style if so, as i, go for it! :D <br />
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Thank you my gorgeous for your feedback and comment! :D :D

Mine says layered bob, but won't let me download the picture... but I have wavy to curly hair and doubt I could ever keep it that straight.

I always fancied a ragged bob x