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Mean, Spiteful, Hateful, Arrogant, Rude....

I thought about this alot and there were several words that came to mind but I felt like the ones listed were most appropriate. I never try and be deliberately mean to anyone I come in contact with. So my list is as follows: 

Mean, spiteful,  insulting, petty, evil, fake, hateful, arrogant, rude or vindictive......

Ok ok maybe a tiny bit vindictive given the right situation :)..Hey but at least I am being honest about it! 

snowbunny1002 snowbunny1002 46-50, F 7 Responses Nov 29, 2008

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Oh my gosh...thanks so much! Although I noticed you didnt list crazy...LOL

thanks my little angel :)

this was so great of you to share. It's hard to imagine any of us who are so warm and affectionate being anything but.<br />
* giggling *<br />

all1rog- very true CK is AWESOME and so incredibly sweet :) ...and so are you my friend!

None of those words describes you at all! CK is quite right. You have probably saved her from choosing her own words. She can just copy yours out!

Aww CK thanks..that is sooo sweet :)

I think everyone has a bit of vindictive tendencies. So don't worry about that!!<br />
<br />
But you're right, I would never peg you as evil or mean or any of the above adjectives. <br />
<br />
You are just too cute and sweet for that.