Nope - I am NOT shy that is for sure :)

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I think that accomplished is great - never thought of that.<br />
LOVE the link! thanks! <br />
<br />
Masculine, and sweet, Queen and Femininity great words.

Thank you sweet queen of femininity!


Sorry Jojo Wazoo, overachieve is a single word:<br />
<br />
o⋅ver⋅a⋅chieve<br />
   /ˌoʊvərəˈtʃiv/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [oh-ver-uh-cheev] Show IPA Pronunciation<br />
–verb (used without ob<x>ject), -chieved, -chiev⋅ing.<br />
1. to perform, esp. academically, above the potential indicated by tests of one's mental ability or aptitude.<br />
2. to perform better or achieve more than expected, esp. by others.<br />
Overachiever is a modification of this word.

Sorry, Over-achiever is two words. How about accomplished?

Yes it is a single word or can be used as two words!

What about overacheiver?? Is that one word?? :)

usually I am productive..always triing to get more done

Happy is a great one word description. <br />
Not lazy, hmm ... what about Productive?

not lazy


Are you SURE Chris?? LOL -- No - I think you are DEFINITELY not shy ...

Same here. Shy does not apply to me as well....

Ah - but pranka that is 2 words ... :)

sympathy monger........that's something I'm not at all.


I so agree with both

mine would have to be mean there is not a mean bone in my body!

Thank goodness, not shy women rock!