What the hell! Who thought of that word? LOL! Seriously! Say it a couple times! It sounds like jibberish. GRRRR! Just kidding, it actually makes me giggle more than anything. It makes me mad when people glare at me when I repeat the word fork over and over and giggle.

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hahahaha!! oh yeah! a cobination of 2 words that are stupid lol! lol yeah spork... hahahahah try saying it 5 times really fast!

Hey, I about died when my friend said "spork.' I was like "What the hell.................?" and she said it's one of those forky/spoony thingys you get at a fast food restaurant! You know what I'm talking about? Imagine that, there's a name for it! LOLOL

or just call it eating utensil or that thing you put food in your mouth with or TTUPFIYMW if you want to say it in a text.

Could you please pass me the thing with prongs on it?

Can't<br />
<br />
I hate it!

hahahahaha! good one!


Dude. I hate that word.

I'm seeing your point!!!