"That's So Gay, You Retard." Bite Me.

I absolutely loathe when people use the phrases "That's So Gay", "That's Retarded", or call someone a "Retard".  It literally sickens me, slightly, and I find it very difficult to have any respect for individuals that use those phrases.

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6 Responses Feb 13, 2009

You are right on the money, I couldn't agree more!

O yea that is my comeback when I hear "thats so gay" come from someone. So what constitutes Hetro?

Ok that is so funny I saw your post as it was , and I came on here just to be a well lets say I wasn't going to be kind then I read your story. Ok I will whistle to myself and um walk away now, sorry continue on.

I agree, and I really don't understand people who call something they don't like "gay." In middle school my best friend commented on how the long lunch line was "so gay" and I turned to her and asked, "how is this lunch line homosexual?" Of course she couldn't answer me.

I used to, but I didn't like it, so I took a vow not to use 'gay' anymore. So far, so good! As hard as it's been, no relapses!

"its gods will" is the most overused bullshit phrase on the planet