Bed Rest Or Prisoner?

Laying in a ******* hospital bed staring at my husband.
I came here yesterday because I started having contractions and He's not ready to be born just yet.
I was told that for the next couple of weeks I need to chill out, which means no work.  NO WORK!  I hope they let me walk for graduation next week.
My father has me cell phone right now, he wrestled it out of my hand yesterday.  Damn it!!
I'm in bed, he said bed rest NOT phone rest.
I hope they let me out of here today.  At least they gave me my computer, but I think they are monitoring what I'm doing on here.  Every once in a while my husband will get up and walk over here to "check" on me...wink wink.
My friend, Poke is here too and is insisting on fussing over me.  I get up to go to the bathroom and everyone jumps up like I'm about to make a run for it.

I'm a prisoner damn it.

ImNotGood ImNotGood
31-35, F
May 6, 2012