Kind Of Shocking

I heard for quite some time about the "50 Shades of Grey." I had got the gist of it and saw no need to buy it. My partner says to me yesterday, what about that book "50 shades of grey?" I said that I didn't know. My partner suggests we call around and find it. So I called around and found a copy just up the street and ran out and picked up a copy last night. Only got a few pages in so far. Haven't had much time to read it yet. Hopefully after the children go to bed tonight I can prop it up on the elliptical and read some while I work out.
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The main male character is a billionaire (not a millionaire but a billionaire) who speaks fluent French, is basically a concert level pianist, is a fully trained pilot, is athletic, drop dead gorgeous, tall, built perfectly with an enormous penis, and the best lover on the planet. In addition, he's not only self made but is using his money to combat world hunger. Oh yeah, and all of this at the ripe old age of 26! And on top of that, he's never working. Every second is spent having sex or texting and emailing the female character. His billions seem to have just come about by magic. It seriously feels like 2 teenage girls got together and decided to create their "dream man" and came up with Christian Grey.

Then come the sex scenes. The first one is tolerable but as she goes on, they become so unbelievable that it becomes more laughable than erotic. She ******* at the drop of a hat. He says her name and she *******. He simply touches her and she *******. It seems that she's climaxing on every page.

Then there's the writing. If you take out the parts where the female character is blushing or chewing her lips, the book will be down to about 50 pages. Almost on every single page, there is a whole section devoted to her blushing, chewing her lips or wondering "Jeez" about something or another. Then there's the use of "shades of". He's "fifty shades of @#$%% up," "she turned 7 shades of crimson," "he's ten shades of x,y, and z." Seriously?

i have noticed that. i have made it about 150 pages in so far - not a whole lot of time to read. i will get as little as 1 paragraph read to a whole 3-4 pages read at a time.
i just found it shocking that over a year ago when everyone was talking about it, i said i wouldn't buy it. lol. i ended up buying it anyway.