Sale Sale Sale

I regret buying the lies everybody sold me over the years

I regret buying time for others and wasting my own

I regret buying so many promises the society sold me

I regret buying that clock with a coo-coo bird in it coz it drives me crazy hourly..

I regret buying Dior Addict coz I want more of it and could no longer afford it

I'm just wondering  if my life was on for sale would i ever buy it????

violetsoul111 violetsoul111
31-35, F
1 Response Feb 17, 2010

hay rhood<br />
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i life is i cannot afford to buy it......or put a price on it.......<br />
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Honestly i don't care for the alarm clocks much coz it startles me like a GONG always reminding me that "you are gonna be late" ;)<br />
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btw......i love your avatar.....<br />
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