Almost Everything I Own I Don't Really Need

I regret buying into the system of Continuous Consumption that has proven unsustainable; especially these last two "post-financial-meltdown" years. It cannot go on forever. Yes the media, and advertising industry in particular, abuse our value system with a full-blown attack on our senses just in order to unload these mostly unneeded goods. Most of which are made with intentional obsolescence already built into the product. The attendant blast of advertising volume as initial distraction for the real visual message of "Buy Me Please" or "Please Buy This, Please" - it doesn't matter what the product is. Such a conduit of BS. I don't need a lot of these things I have accumulated over the years, thus have begun to give them away to those who could put them to better use. I enjoy seeing the faces of the unexpected "giftees." They never see it coming, or that I targeted them for awhile for having the most need with my intention to give. Always a good feeling to let go of the burden of needlessness, guilt and essentially - buyer's remorse. But mostly, I truly regret buying into the system that fooled me into thinking and feeling that I needed these things in the first place. A system that has become increasingly more powerful and sophisticated than ever...

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MorningBreeze,<br />
Ouch, that loss does sound painful but glad you resolved it though."There is freedom in not having..." I like that. I found that I don't want tangible things as much either. Strange how you see others caught in the possession circle and wonder sometimes. Thanks for the observation!

nice post. i had a house fire in04 and lost everything. yup, it was heartbreaking BUT i realized that most of the "stuff" was just that. here i am 6 yrs later with an new attitude..... less is best! i have made my life simple, but comfortable. i don't need or want what i once did. there is freedom in not having all the fancy things... i don't have to work as much, don't want that much and i don't need to dust for hours now! yup.... i'll save my money so one day i can travel, can't be lugging it all around with me anyways, can i? *smile*

It is a spiritual law to give...<br />
I don't know how else to live.<br />
I recieve 10 fold often and It's amazing what you really don't need.<br />
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Simple is good!

"Gotta have it, Gotta have it, Gotta have it" - is what I kept telling myself. Gotta keep that pace. Until I figured out who was telling it to me. It reached critical mass during my move from CA back to TX in 2006. There was just Too Much Stuff to load! So I found myself reflexively placing items like tall speakers, a smokey barbecue pit, electronics, etc.. in the enclosed dumpster area. I noticed when I'd get back, the individual items were gone. Suddenly a small boy was there and he "froze." I told him "little boy, you don't have to do that! Here take this home" and gave him Frisbees, a bat, ball and mit. Will always remember the happiness in that kid's eyes! Besides, the 17ft U-Haul cabin was completely full to the top. The unloading process continues to this day. When done, I'll just have to change my name to 2BuddiesLite, HaHa! TRY IT - it really is a unique feeling!

I sooooo agree with you. I have bought bedding from Ralph Lauren when Walmart would do, just because I think somehow they are "better."<br />
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I have acquired so many things I don't use, especially purses.